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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I don't see the event I want listed.  Can I still purchase it?
A:  We are constantly in the process of updating our product list.  If there is an event that SVI Media covered (and is archived at, but is not listed on this site, send a request to or call us at 307.885.5727.

Q:  Can I just pick-up my DVD instead of having it mailed to me?
A:  All orders can be picked up for free at SVI's offices located at 360 S. Washington in Afton.  Just select the "Pick up from office" option at checkout.

Q:  Can I make additional copies after I purchase one from SVI Media?
A:  The recordings from SVI Media are all covered by copyright and are non-recordable.  Please purchase additional copies if needed.

Q:  There is an event I want SVI Media to cover.  Can I request that?
A:  If there is an event that you want covered, please send a request to or call us at 307.885.5727.  There are options available for personal requests as well.